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NOTE: this is for advanced functions, NOT physics

A 2m length of board rests with one end on the floor and the other end on a small stack of bricks. A baseball is rolled up the board and back down again in a total of 4 seconds. The farthest the baseball reached on the board was 130cm.

Draw a graph of this. [distance time]
I would appreciate it if someone could tell me the general shape or link me to a graph made on a graphing site.

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    well, it's a parabola, with
    y(0) = 0
    y(4) = 0
    so we know that the max height is reached at y=2.

    y(2) = 130
    so, the vertex is at (2,130)

    y(t) = -a(t-2)^2 + 130

    Now, we know that y(0) = 0, so
    0 = -a(4)+130
    a = 130/4

    y(t) = -130/ (t-2)^2 + 130


    and type in

    -130/4 * (x-2)^2 + 130
    set the x interval to 0,4
    and y to 0,150

    and you will see the graph

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    Thank you.

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