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A trainer for a professional football team keeps track of the amount of water players consume throughout practice. The trainer observes that the amount of water consumed is a liner function of the temperature on a given day. The trainer finds that when it is 90 degrees, the players consume about 220 gallons of water and when it is 76 degrees the players consumer about 178 gallons of water.
Part A: Write a linear function to model the relationship between the gallons of water consumed and the temperature
Part B: Explain the meaning of the slope in the context of the problem.

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    (90, 220) and (76, 178)

    You have two points, so you can write an equation of a straight line in the form or y = mx + b

    First find the slope: m =(220-178)/(90-76)

    Once you have the slope. Use it and one of the points to find the equation of the line.

    To interpret the slope the numerator represents the gallons of water/per degree.

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    78 euros

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