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onvert the following to scientific notation:
(i) the distance to the sun, 149 500 000 000 m
(ii) the wavelength of yellow sodium light, 0.000 000 5893 m
(iii) the radius of an atom, 0.000 000 000 2 m

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    Here are a couple examples for you

    567,000 in scientific notation is 5.67 x10^5 You always have one number in fron to the decimal place (in the ones place) multiplied 10. If you need to make the number larger the exponet on the 10 is positive. If you need to make the number smaller, the exponent on the 10 is negative. The exponent tells you how many places you have to move to the right or the left to get the original number.

    149 500 000 000 = 1.495 x 10^11

    Can you do the other two?

    Here is an example of a smaller number

    .00006 = 6 x 10^-5

    I will be happy to check your answers.

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