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A ball is dropped from a height of 20m. When it bounces, it rebounds with a speed that is one half of the speed at which it hits the ground. How high does it bounce?

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    A man is standing on a cliff and throws a ball outward 50m/s at an angle of 53 degrees. It hits the base of the cliff in 10 seconds.
    a) The height of the cliff
    b) the angle at which the ball goes into the sea
    c) if the ball will hit a boat 150m out to sea.

  • Physics -

    h(t) = h - g/2to^2

    After you drop the ball from a height of 20 feet and it hits the ground, it would reach a height of 15 ft
    (just multiply your h by 3/4 each time to get the heights from each time it bounces...
    20 * (3/4) = 15ft

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