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Math: Please check

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What is the simplified form of square root 48n^9?

I think the answer is: 3n square root 4n^8.

Thank You

  • Math: Please check -

    48 is 16 x 3
    Take the square root of 16 =4

    4 square root of 3

    Now look at n^9

    that can be written as n times n^8

    n^4 comes out and leaves n under the square root sign.

    your answer should be

    4n^4 square root of (3n)

    One way to get an better understanding of this concept is to think of square root as... "For every two things that are identical under the square root one comes out.

  • Math: Please check -

    = √16 *√3*√n^8 *√n
    = 4n^4 √(3n)

  • Math: Please check -

    That would be correct. I give you my thanks

  • Math: Please check -

    I swear I'm not stalking you Hazel, maybe we have the same lessons. (Yet I DID switch my name to this because of you)

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