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I urgently need to prepare these sentences for tomorrow.
Could you please have a look at them?

1.If they told me to clean my room, I would.
2.You’d better take the keys in case I might still be out when you come back.
3. Would all this have happened if he hadn’t acted as the superman of the underground?
4.His son would not be alive now, if Mr. Queen hadn’t risked his life to save him.
5.You shouldn’t have been so rude to your mother.
6.Who was driving the car last night? A friend of my sister’s
7.I’m throwing a party on Saturday. Would you like to come?
8.What’s the matter with you? Why are you looking at me in this way?
9.When John arrived at the hospital, the doctors decided it was such a difficult case that they would have to consult a specialist in San Francisco.
10.While I was going out yesterday morning, Janet gave me a letter. I read a few lines, but then I realized I so late for school that I rushed to the bus stop
11.When the concert started, we had been sitting in the sun for hours.
12.The following morning I told my mum about the cold I had felt but she replied/answered that dad had checked all the rooms before we moved in.
13.I chose a room at the back of the house because it was beautiful and I was far (away) from all the others.
14.He could not deny that my room was ice-cold.

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    All are fine.

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