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Homework Help: Lang Arts! HELP!

Posted by waldo on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 3:41pm.

Jaws of the Water


At rise we see DAD, TINA, and MARK rushing in and out of the living room. Each enters carrying important items—such as sleeping bags, rain gear, and gallons of water—sets them down, and exits. All three come in together, and MOM bursts through the front door.

DAD: Where’s the water now?
MOM: As high as the car’s wheels.
DAD: We’d better go.
MOM: We can’t. The car’s dead.
DAD: What?
MOM: The water is up to the engine; it won’t start.
TINA: Oh, no!
MARK: What can we do?
DAD: I don’t know. (He looks through the window.) It isn’t raining now.
MOM: The water is still rising. The levee must have broken.
TINA: Will we drown?
MARK: Can’t we swim away?
DAD: No! That’s too dangerous. What we need is a boat!
MARK: I wish we had one!
TINA: We’re going to drown!
DAD: (reaching to hug her) No, honey. We’ll just go upstairs. If we have to, we’ll climb onto the roof. (to Mark) Let’s get jugs of water and the camp stove upstairs. I’ll get the canned food out of the basement.
MOM: Be careful! (She smiles and nods as DAD waves a flashlight and exits. MOM turns to MARK and TINA, gripping each child’s shoulder.) Listen to me. None of us is going to be hurt. Do you hear me? No one will be hurt! The worst that will happen is we’ll be cold and wet for a while. (She looks from one to the other.) We’re together, and we’re in our home. We have water and food, and we can climb above the rising water. But just as importantly, we aren’t alone! Other people—our friends and neighbors—are living through this flood with us.
Little by little, everyone will work together to make sure no one is harmed. We’re part of a community. Our family is much larger than just the four of us!
(DAD returns, dripping wet and carrying a box of canned food.)
MARK: Here, let me help you.

My question is: How do Mom’s actions reveal her character?

Thanks for any help. :)

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