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Posted by ray on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 12:07pm.

Which of these scenarios best describes a nuclear family?

A) Jeremiah is growing up within a cluster of adults and children who maintain their own living quarters
but come together for work and meals. Child-rearing is a shared responsibility.

B) The Farrish family is comprised of ten-year-old Mary Beth and her mother who teaches at Ingleside High School.
Since Mary Beth's grandparents live
too far away to help,she goes to
after-school care until her mother picks her up after work.

C) Following an accident in which her
parents were killed,Josefina,age 6,
is taken in by her mother's sister
and brother-in-law and raised as one
of their own children.

D) Adam is a foster child currently
living with a family in which there
is a father, a stay-at-home mother,
and the couples's two children.

Not sure between b and c please help

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