March 1, 2015

Homework Help: Math for Ms. Sue please last questions

Posted by Delilah on Friday, March 8, 2013 at 8:24pm.


In a school of 464 students, 89 students are in the band, 215 students are on sports teams, and 31 students participate in both activities.

How many students are involved in neither band nor sports?
(1 point)

160 students
191 students
249 students
433 students

In a marketing survey involving 1,000 randomly chosen people, it is found that 630 use brand P, 420 use brand Q, and 210 use both brands. How many people in the survey use brand P and not brand Q? (1 point)

210 people
420 people
630 people
none of these

My answers:
2. 160 students
3. 210 people

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