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can someone help me with the pythagorean theorem? VERY HARD IM IN 7TH GRADE AND THIS IS SOME 7TH GRADE MATH HOMEWORK THAT I NEED HELP WITH!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Study this site carefully.

    If you post a couple of your problems with your answers, I'll be glad to check them for you.

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    THANKS FOR YOUR HELP MS. SUE and also can you help me with the formula for the area for complex figures?

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    My friend, area of complex figure is complex to find without given constraints. Ok, maybe you divide complex shape into familiar shapes. Example: complex figure is made from square and two triangles. Then is easy. So divide complex figure into little pieces of easy figures. More advanced solution include monte carlo simulation and integration. But beyond your level. Dasvidaniya my friend.

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    Why is you dodo

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    in 5 years time i will be 3 times as old as my son. in 14 years time, the sum of our ages will be 62. find the sum of our ages today

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    A2+b2+c2= your answer

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    translate into verbal expression 3x+y

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    A scale on a map says that 3/4inches equal 4.5 miles if a distance measures 4.5 inches on the map how many miles actually separate the two points?

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    pythogores theorem is

    sum in lenght= total lengt of two sides

    soory if it is wrong
    40 years back i was learning this
    and now i am 67 years

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    this is easy all it is is a squared plus b squared = c squared C squared is the hypotonuse or longest side

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    It is very easy .. you just need to follow the formulas and youre good..

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