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Math 0098

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A theater group made appearances in two cities. The hotel charge before tax in the second city was $1000 lower than in the first. The tax in the first city was 5.5% , and the tax in the second city was 5%. The total hotel tax paid for the two cities was $501.25 . How much was the hotel charge in each city before tax?

First City:

Second City:

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    x = first city
    y = second city

    y = x -1000 hotel charge is 100o less than the first city.
    .055x +.05 y = 501.25

    replace y in the second equation with x -1000 (You get this from the first equation)

    .055x + .05(x -1000) = 501.25

    Solve for x get the first city
    use the first equation y = x -1000 to find the second city.
    Be sure to check your final answers in both of the original equations to make sure you are correct.

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