March 25, 2017

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A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following results:

190 students like the program
135 students think the program is unnecessary
220 students plan on running for student government next year.

If a circle graph were made from this data, what would the measure of the central angle be for the group that likes the program? Round your answer to the nearest whole number..
Please explain how to do this type of problem - I think it is 35% but I am not sure...

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    You are right that 35% like the program.

    What is the size of the central angle.

    Since a circle is 360 degrees - your angle should be .35 times 360.

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    ok thank you...

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    How did you get that?

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    i used my brain like u should

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    I have to do the same question right now but I cant understand how you got 35%. SOMEONE please explain quik!

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    I think you get 35% by first adding up everyone that was surveyed so

    190+135+220= 545

    Next you would divide 190 by the total number of people surveyed so

    190/545= 0.348...

    Since there is an 8 next to the 4 you would round up therefore getting 35%

    I think that is how they got 35% but correct me if I'm wrong

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    You are correct anon. Thank you all so much, you are amazing. I did amazing on this problem thanks to the help from you all. Thanks so much again!

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    How dobu know this works what is ur grade

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