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With growing concern and intake of information , a child may not be able to put new details into former mental bins and concept groups. When this occurs, a search for_____is stimulated

a. coherence
b. rules
c. consonance
d. definition

Would A be appropriate

Which one of the following examples is the first step in the cognitive process called categorization?

A. A child begins to ask "why" about almost everything he or she sees.

B. A child's early discovery that a four-legged creature is a "doggie" transfers later to applying the same label to a horse, cow, and elephant.

C. A child sees someone who dresses differently than most other children and concludes that the other person's way of dressing isn't appropriate.

D. A child learns that being "different" is not desirable

Is it C not sure?

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    Or B. for the second question..I'd go with B.

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    I agree

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