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    Do you mean..

    (2x^2 +7x+3)/(x^2 -2x -15)

    You have to factor the numerator and the denominator and remove the common factors.

    Can you factor these or do you need help?

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    need help

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    [(2x+1)(x+3)]/[(x-5)(x+3)} = ?

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    Do you understand how you actually factor?

    There is the guess method where you

    would begin with:

    x^2 -2x-15

    (x- ) (x + )

    I know that I need x in the front because x times x = x^2

    I know that I need a plus and minus sign because 15 is negative and I will need to mulitply a + and a - number to get -15

    Next, I have to think of two numbers that multiply to equal 15 and add to be -2 for the -2x portion.

    It gets more complicated with 2x^2.. but it works basically the same way by guessing.

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