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Homework Help: POETRY, PART 2

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4. Which one of the following poems depends heavily on the use of allusion for effect?

A. "Death, Be Not Proud"

B. "Grass"

C. "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night"

D. "God's Grandeur"

5. The theme of the poem "Richard Cory" is that

A. money can't buy love.

B. Richard Cory was a victim of fate.

C. a person's inner reality is often hidden.

D. surface glitter may be fool's gold.

7. In her poem, "The New Colossus," Emma Lazarus identifies the Statue of Liberty with

A. Old World tyranny.

B. the Colossus of Rhodes.

C. wretchedness.

D. a mother.

9. In "Death, Be Not Proud," what two things does Donne say give pleasure?

A. God and salvation

B. Nature and travel

C. Life and death

D. Rest and sleep

11. The form of the poem "God's Grandeur" is that of

A. an Italian sonnet.

B. an English sonnet.

C. blank verse.

D. a villanelle.

14. Beyond tone, a poet's attitude toward his or her subject reveals to us a poem's

A. subject.

B. diction.

C. theme.

D. structure.

17. What type of poem is "Death, Be Not Proud"?

A. Descriptive

B. Narrative

C. Reflective

D. Discursive

20. Consider the line "(the soil)/ Is bare now, nor can feet feel, being shod."
By analysis, we deduce that Hopkins means people are out of touch with God because they're

A. moving to cities.

B. out of touch with the earth.

C. too concerned with property.

D. depending on worthless machinery.


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