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3. What's the main advantage of establishing per-item prices on an order and pricing form?

A. Clients are informed in advance that high-cost items should be excluded.

B. You can reduce the cost of materials and labor.

C. Clients have a way to tailor a catered event to their budget.

D. You can estimate your total cost and reduce overhead.

Student Answer: D

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGE 16

5. A new caterer, working off premise, typically invests less than _______ to open a catering business.

A. $5,000

B. $15,000

C. $10,000

D. $2,000

Student Answer: C

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGE 11

6. According to your study unit, a catering resource that offers global networking for caterers, mentors, a caterer's telephone hotline, and many marketing opportunities is the

A. National Restaurant Association.

B. Art Culinaire.

C. National Caterers' Association.

D. International Caterers' Association.

Student Answer: C

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGES 3,4

8. Suppose you're a caterer who specializes in cooking and serving meals in the client's house. What type of catering service are you providing?

A. Partial-service catering

B. Full-service catering

C. On-premise catering

D. No-service catering

Student Answer: C

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGE 7

11. To determine the price to charge for your service, you'll need to calculate the costs of the material, labor, and what other two elements?

A. Food and supplies

B. Finder's fees and entertainment

C. Overhead and profit

D. Location and overhead

Student Answer: A

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGE 16

12. Everything at the small sit-down dinner party has gone beautifully. You go to finish off the evening with a flare by bringing in the customer's fondue pot, which you filled with melted chocolate and plugged in to keep warm several minutes ago, while you chopped up the fresh fruits to dip in it. Now the chocolate has hardened! What did you most likely do wrong?

A. You didn't get the timing right.

B. You bought the wrong chocolate.

C. You failed to check the equipment during the site visit.

D. You hired the wrong assistants.

Student Answer: B

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGE 12

13. When first starting out, you should expect to make less money than you will later because

A. no one will pay a beginner well.

B. it will be hard to find work at first.

C. your competitors have gradually built up to the rates they charge.

D. your speed and efficiency will improve as you go.

Student Answer: A

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGE 18

14. In developing a marketing plan for a catering business, you'll want to include a display ad in the Yellow Pages because

A. it can generate up to 40% of your business.

B. it can generate up to 20% of your business.

C. all your competitors will have such an ad.

D. nearly all your best jobs will come from such an ad.

Student Answer: D

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGE 35

15. In setting up a client agreement, you would request a down payment to cover

A. your out-of-pocket expenses.

B. the cost of groceries.

C. the number of people to be served.

D. legal fee contingencies.

Student Answer: A

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGES 20,21

16. Leon is catering a luncheon. He is only supplying the food. What kind of catering service is he providing?

A. Public

B. Corporate catering

C. No-service

D. Social

Student Answer: A

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGE 7

18. Which of the following would you want to do when developing a marketing position?

A. Position yourself in an untapped consumer market.

B. Emphasize your inexperience and gain clients by charging a much cheaper price.

C. Go after the same demographic as other area caterers.

D. Market yourself as a general caterer willing to accept any type of job.

Student Answer: D

Answer: Incorrect

Reference: PAGE 15

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