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mara is preparing an experiment using three cups
- one made of paper, one of plastic, and one of glass- as shown below. she plans pouring 50 ml of hot water from a pitcher into each of three cups and recording the temperatures in 5- minute intervals.

what is the independent variable in this investigation?

a. the time interval between measurements
b. the amount of water each cup
c. the initial temperature of the water in cups
d. the material the cups are made of

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    independent variable affects the dependent and changes the outcome of the experiment. therefore the I.V. is what you CHANGE. D is the answer (paper plastic and glass have different insulation levels so this is what the experiment is testing)

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    You asked for the INDEPENDENT variable.

    That variable isn't affected by anything.

    I always remember a teacher telling me, that "time marches on" so nothing we do affects it.

    Usually with a graph you will see time on the "x" axis.

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