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A man is currently 4 times as old as his son. In 4 yrs from now hell be 3 times as old as his son will be then. How old is his son now??

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    Can you get this started based on the help you got a little while ago?

    Let m = man
    Let s = son

    Currently: give me the equation

    four years from now: give me the equation.

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    Okay : Currently man is : 4s
    Son : s
    4 yrs froom now:
    Son: s-3

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    You are correct with the m = 4s

    for years from now the man will be m+4
    and the son will be s +4

    Now, what is their age relationship.

    The man will be 3 times older than his son.

    m + 4 = 3(s+4)

    use that equation and m = 4s

    to find their ages.

    You have to read carefully and look for key words. For example, 3 times means to multiply by 3.

    Four years from now means you have to add 4 years to their age.

    If it said 4 years ago then you would subtract.

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    Thanks alot :) that helpe me alot

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