March 29, 2017

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Directions: For questions 19–20, read the passage. Select the letter that shows the best way to write each underlined part. If the underlined part contains no error, select “d. no error.”

18. world-famous mathematician (1 point), mathematician, mathematician, mathematician, error
19. in 1901 and (1 point) 1901 and, 1901, and 1901, and, error
20. was however also (1 point)
a.was, however, also
b.was however, also
c.was, however also error
21. relativity and won (1 point)
a.relativity, and won
b.relativity and, won
c.relativity, and, won error
22. theories Einstein (1 point)
a.theories, Einstein
b.theories, Einstein,
c.theories Einstein, error
23. Switzerland Prague (1 point)
a.Switzerland, Prague,
b.Switzerland Prague,
c.Switzerland, Prague error

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    Where is the passage?

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    i think the answers are

  • Litreture - ,

    Albert Einstein, a (19) world-famous mathematician was born in Bavaria in 1879. He acquired Swiss nationality (20) in 1901 and he began working at the Swiss patent office the next year. Einstein (21) was however also publishing papers in physics. He became famous for his theories of (22) relativity and won the 1921 Nobel Prize for physics. To educate others about his (23) theories Einstein held some teaching positions. These positions were in (24) Switzerland Prague and Germany.

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    c (I have also seen it like a)

    These are what I think.. we should wait for others too

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    Your numbering seems messed up.

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    I agree with MsSue. Your numbers do not match the words that would go there. You are off by one.

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