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A 0.500 kg particle moves in a circle of R=0.0150 m at constant speed. The time for 20 complete revolutions is 31.7 s. What is the period T of the motion? What is the speed of the particle? What is the centripetal acceleration of the particle? What is the centripetal force on the particle?

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    This is pretty simple and straightforward, and I am wondering what your question is.

    You are given period: T=31.7s/20

    Speed = distance/time=2PI*R/T

    Centripetal acceleration? speed^2/R

    Frankly, your teacher is to easy.

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    Sorry just re-learning after 30+ years.I had part of it answered however, the 4th and 5th question info was pertaining to questions 3 and 4 so I had to ask the question from the beginning. My answer was T = 1.585 s.
    for speed I calc 0.942/1.585s=0.594...right?
    my real problem was I thought Ac of particle...use Ac= v2/r? Right? And not sure on force...Thanks

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    force=mass*centripetal acceleration

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    Ok so F=MA thanks, I do appreciate especially since I am going to 35th reunion and went back to school. Much harder than I remembered. Again thanks

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