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Hey everyone... hoping I can get an answer soon... I have a PD/H/PE homework assignment on which we have to create an collage on Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social and Mental health. I am stuck on a definition for spiritual health, me not being a very big know-it-all in PD/H/PE, an answer would be EXTREMELY helpful! (Also, please do not copy and paste to help; my teacher searches the web to find if we've copied or pasted from the web.)

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    Hmmm. So you copy and paste from our answers and give it to your teacher as your work?

    Spiritual Health:

    The state of an individuals search for principles worth of veneration, a coping structure in seeking purpose and meaning in life.
    A person who has good spiritual health understands why she is living, what is to be gained, and what is to be held important. It does not include material things.
    This is my definition. In the end, few will agree with any definition here, traditionally, it was defined in terms of organized religion, but in the past century, we see spirituality as much more inclusive than attendance each week to church.

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