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Ammonia is used as a fertilizer throughout the world. It is often produced by reacting nitrogen gas with hydrogen gas in a synthesis reaction. How much ammonia in grams can be produced from 9207 grams of nitrogen and 44 000 L of hydrogen?

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    N2 + 3H2 ==> 2NH3
    This is a limiting reagent problem because amounts are given for BOTH reactants.
    mols N2 = grams/molar mass
    You don't give a pressure for H2 but at STP, 1 mol occupies 22.4L; therefore you have 44,000/22.4L = ? mols.

    Convert mols N2 to mols NH3.
    Convert mols H2 to mols NH3.
    It is likely that these two values will not agree which means one of them is wrong. The correct value in limiting reagent problems is ALWAYS the smaller value.

    Now convert the smaller value to grams. g = mols x molar mass.

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