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in an experiment, ammonia gas, NH3(g) was bubbled through distilled water. Some of the dissolved ammonia gas, NH3, reacted with the water to form the aqueous ammonia ions, NH4. When red litmus paper was placed in contact with the aqueous solution, the paper turned blue. This indicated a basic solution.

A) Indentify the acid and base in the reaction between dissolved ammonia gas, NH3 and water.Explain your answer

B)Indentify the conjugate acid and conjugate base of the reaction .Explain your answer

c) Write the complete chemical equation for the reaction between NH3 and H2O

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    NH3 + HOH ==> NH4^+ + OH^-

    A. The answers depend upon which acid/base theory used. I'll assume you are using the Bronsted-Lowry theory.
    NH3 is the base. H2O is the acid.

    B. The pairs are
    NH4^+ is the conjugate acid of the base, NH3.
    OH^- is the conjugate base of the acid, H2O.

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