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Hey, I need help finding out how many moles of CO2 is produced from this reaction. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Mass of empty Erlenmeyer flask (g): 88.000 g
Mass of Erlenmeyer flask and 20 mL H2SO4: 112.198 g
Mass of 20 mL H2SO4: 24.198 g

Trial I
Mass of Na2CO3 added to flask (g): 1 g
Moles of Na2CO3 added to flask (FW=105.989): 0.00641 mol
Calculate initial mass of reactants (H2SO4 and Na2CO3 in flask (g)
Add your answers from 1b and Trial I a : 113.198 g
Final mass of flask and contents after reaction as recorded on balance (g): 112.783 g
Mass of CO2 (initial mass minus final mass [c – d]) (g): 0.415 g
Moles of CO2 produced in the reaction (MW = 44.010): ??

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