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Homework Help: algebra 1

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4. Given the irrational number .14147. choose an inequality which approximates to the 4th decimal place.

a) .14 < x <.15
b) .141 < x < .142
c) .1413 < x < .1414
d) .1414 < x <.1415


6. Choose an inequality to match this description: The height E of Mount Everest, is greater than the height R of Mount Rainier. Mount Rainier is higher than Mount Fuji, F.

a) E < R < F
b) F < R < E
c) E > R > F
d) Both (b) and (c

If x < 0 and y > 0, then it is always true that _______.

a) xy is a negative number
b) x + y is a negative number
c) xy is a positive number
d) x + y is a positive number

If a < 0 and x < y, then it is always true that ________.

a) multiplying x and y by a reverses the inequality
b) y x > a
c) y > a
d) Both (a) and (b)


If b > 0 and x > b - y, then it is always true that ________.

a) 0 is not an element of b
b) b > y
c) x + y > 0
d) Both (b) and (c)


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