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1) The four major kinds of natural vegetation in the United States and Canada are tundra, grassland, desert scrub, and

a. permafrost.
b. forest.
c. swamp.
d. all of the above

2) Why is mining important to the economy of the United States?

a. It employs many workers.
b. Gold is expensive.
c. Minerals are shipped to Canada.
d. Industries use minerals.

3) Scientists believe that the first people to live in North America were

a. British colonists.
b. migrants from Asia.
c. French colonists.
d. Dutch explorers.

4) What statement best describes what manifest destiny meant to many Americans during the 1800s?

a. The United States had a right to own land in Canada.
b. Americans deserved free education.
c. The United States should own the land between the Atlantic and the Pacific.
d. The United States was a new home for European immigrants.

5) What was a direct result of the United States' fear that the Soviet Union would expand its power around the world?

a. World War II
b. the Cold War
c. communism
d. the Treaty of Versailles

6) What did the British North American Act accomplish?

a. It divided Canada.
b. Canada became an independent nation.
c. Canada was no longer subject to British rule.
d. Canada became self-governing.

7) The United States and Canada share many geographic features, including the Great Lakes, the Rocky Mountains, and

a. desert areas.
b. tropical areas.
c. the Mississippi River.
d. Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

8) The economies of the United States and Canada are

a. very different.
b. strongly linked.
c. dependent on tourism.
d. exactly the same.

9) The first immigrants to the United States were mainly from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and

a. Russia.
b. Italy.
c. Scandinavia.
d. Greece.

My Answer: Please Be Honest!!! :)

1) b
2) d
3) a
4) c
5) c
6) d
7) a
8) d
9) b

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