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This year's harvest from a small, remote banana plantation consists of 3000 bananas. The farmer's camel can carry up to 1000 bananas at a time. The market where the bananas are sold is 1000 miles away. Unfortunately, the camel eats one banana each and every mile she walks. Of the 3000 bananas harvested, what is the greatest number of bananas the farmer can get to market?

(*The answer is NOT zero bananas. *If the camel is carrying bananas, she eats bananas. *If the camel is returning and NOT carrying bananas, she eats NOTHING. *The camel can go partway to the market and drop off bananas and return for another load. The camel can also pick those bananas up later. Any bananas dropped off will be there later to be picked (noone will steal them). *The camel can only travel in full miles (no half miles).) HINTS: 1.Use something to represent the camel and physically move it and record carrying and drop offs. 2.Keep a record of everything you tried. 3.Write up steps when you have the answer to deescribe the trip. GOAL: To finfd the MOST amount of bananas that will make it to market.

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    3000, the farmer can just carry the bananas over.....

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