April 18, 2014

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Posted by Fred on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 5:41pm.

Is these answers correct?

condone, pathetic, feign, precedent,
comtemplate gape furtive feasible, fiscal, punitive

1-2. "Would it be__ for us to buy a new copy machine?" Hal asked at the office budget meeting. The boss replied, "Unfortunately, our __situation is too tight. That purchase would deplete our funds and create a deficit in our budget."

3-4. Some parents take only__ measures when children misbehave. They never take time to __ the benefits of a gentler approach. However, benign encouragement is often more effective than punishment.

5-6. Several passersby stopped to___at the homeless man and his___shelter, made of cardboard and a torn blanket. The poignant sight moved one womn to go to a restuarant and buy a meal for the man.

7-8. The fourth-grade teacher said, "I will not__ any__ behavior in my class. Rita, please stop passing notes under your desk to Ellen."

9-10. The___ was set many years ago: When the winner of a beauty contest is announced, the runner-up___s happiness for the winner, despite the fact that she is quite devoid of happiness at the moment.

1. feasible
2. fiscal
3. punitive
4. comtemplate
5. gape
6. pathetic
7. condone
8. furtive
9. precedent
10. feigns

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