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Check my translations please!

1. Aeneas was ordering the men to run.

Aeneas viros currere iubebat.

2. The pretty queen persuades the Trojan to stay.

Regina pulchra Troianum manēre persuadet.

3. A tyrant is not able to give freedom to the people.

Tyranni populo liberitatem dare non possunt.

4. It is necessary to show a victory.

Victoria est necesse demonstrare.

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    All looks good except the subject and verb in #3. Tyrant is singular, but you have plural forms in your Latin sentence. How will you fix this?

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    Okay, is this better?
    Tyrannus populo liberitatem dare non potest.

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    Right! Very good!!

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    Okay, thank you!!!

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    You're very welcome!

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