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Here is the distribution of educational level of adults aged 25 and over in the United States in the year 2012. Intervals include the left endpoint but not the right. You can define "17+" to mean "17 to 22." The percent with 22 or more years of education was too small to make a difference to the table.
Educational level (years of schooling) Percent
0-9 5
9-12 7
12-13 30
13-16 26
16-17 20
17+ 12
Source: Adapted from Educational Attainment, Census Bureau 2012
: 2.0 points

Each part is worth 1 point.

a) A histogram of educational level will be drawn using this table. Find the height of the bar over the interval 13-16, in units of percent per year.


b) Which of the following is a correct histogram based on this table?

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    It is problem 3

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    Any ideas on part(a)?

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