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college algebra

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If a rocket is propelled upward from ground level, its height in meters after t seconds is given by h=-9.8t^2+88.2t. During what interval of time will the rocket be higher than137.2m?

Do I set it up like this?

-9.8(1)^2+88.2(1)+137.2 = 215.6

Then h=b/2a=9.8/215.6=22m


Thanks for your help.

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    Not quite. You found (sort of) when the height is greatest (the vertex of the parabola). That was not the question.

    You have

    when is h=137.2?

    (Aside. You sure about that 9.8? h = vt - 1/2 at^2 and a = 9.8)

    137.2 = -9.8t^2 + 88.2t
    t = 2,7

    So, at those two times, h=137.2

    Knowing what you do about the shape of parabolas, and that this one opens downward, h > 137.2 between those two values, so

    2 < t < 7

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