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Homework Help: Management for Organizations

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1. Which of the following is NOT one of Peter Drucker’s contributions to management theory? (D)
The analysis of how organizations select managers, how managers act, and how organizations are structured in different units.
The understanding of the role of large organizations in modern society.
The focus on the role of human interactions, flows of information, and the decision-making process within organizations.
The analysis of how social organizations become corporations, such as General Motors.

2. Which of the following best explains the difference between scientific management and the humanist approach to management? (c)
Scientific management does not include rewards for employees, while humanist management promotes rewards.
Humanist management is not interested in increasing productivity, while scientific management is.
Humanist management is the current management paradigm, while scientific management was discarded in the 1960s.
Scientific management presupposes that employees do not like work, while humanist management believes that workers are internally motivated.

3. Which kind of goal concerns cooperation between departments? (A)
Market share

4. Retrenchment is a strategic tool companies may use to become stronger. It may include: (B)
eliminating employees.
refinancing company debt.
mergers and/or acquisitions.
opening numerous new stores.

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