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Homework Help: American History *URGENT*

Posted by MIKE on Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 1:08pm.

so i have some multiple choice questions that i am confused on. *PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ* i know it's alot, but it would really help me out so much! this is due in the morning! I had a total of 122 questions, but got stuck on a few.

on the first one I was able to narrow it down to two choices.
1.) in regard to the purchase of Native American lands, the English
a.) caused conflict, since the native americans still regarded the land as basically communal
b.)caused conflict by sometimes taking the land without making payment, an action justified by their belief that "unimproved" land was vacant land.

2.) As a result of the Glorious revolution in England
a.) Massachusetts' renegotiated charter forbade religious restrictions on voting
b.)In New York, the new governor put down a rebellion led by Joseph Leisler
c.) In maryland, the Protestant Association overthrew the proprietary government and requested a protestant one.
d.) all of the above

3.) During the colonial period, town schools were required only in
a.) The New England colonies
b.) The Middle Colonies
c.) Massachusetts
d.) New York
e.) Pennsylvania

This next one really confused me because it asks about John Winthrop, but it doesn't specify which one. there was a Sr. and a Jr. but i was able to narrow it down to this:
4.) did John Winthrop belong to the Royal Society of London?
a.) yes
b.) no

5.)Ministers on this persuasion believed that salvation was more important than religious training
a.) Old Light
b.) New Light
c.) Orthodox
d.) Baptists
e.) Methodists

6.) For the most part, German settlers in America
a.) Moved into the carolina backcountry
b.) adopted the dietary habits of their new homeland
c.) refused to allow their children to learn English.
d.) Chose not to participate actively in the governmental processes.
e.) settled in Georgia and Pennsylvania

7.) Georgia was founded to serve as a haven for the poor, and also to
a.) Provide another slave economy
b.) produce rum for the West Indies
c.) Serve as a buffer between the English colonies and Spanish Florida
d.) provide a haven for the pacifistic Moravians.
e.) Both b and c

Thank you, i know this is alot to read. Any help at all is apriciated. even if you just cancel out on of the choices, it helps.

here are my thoughts on the problems:
3.)c (just because i remember learning that the puritans were big on schooling. but that's just a guess, i don't really know)
4.)John Winthrop Sr. was not, but John Winthrop Jr. was. so it just depends.
5.)I havn't the slightest clue
6.)I'm thinking d or c. it would be e, but i don't think they moved to Georga.
7.)I really don't know, i can only find information on how they were a safe haven for the poor.

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