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What did Oprah Winfrey do for 152 exceptional girls in South Africa?

Select one:
a. She gave each of them college scholarships.
b. She helped them attend school in the United States.
c. She invited them to attend her new school.
d. She convinced them to leave South Africa.

What is one of the criticisms that Winfrey’s school has received?

Select one:
a. It has no library or auditorium.
b. It is inadequate for the number of girls
c. It is not designed for the African climate.
d. It was too big and expensive to build.

How did Winfrey show that the opening ceremony was an important celebration?

Select one:
a. She sang a song that she wrote.
b. She read a poem that she wrote.
c. She dressed up and wore diamonds.
d. She sent a special speech on DVD.

How does Winfrey describe her relationship with the girls who attend the school?

Select one:
a. She feels a huge responsibility toward them.
b. She wishes they would work harder.
c. She expects them to succeed on their own.
d. She knows everyone in their families.


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