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What is the organization in the first paragraph of "The Next Big Thing"? (1 point)

chronological order
compare and contrast
problem and solution
order of importance

Which of the following could not be considered the theme of "Big Yellow Taxi"? (1 point)

Progress can be bad for the world and the people in it.
We pay a big price when we try to ignore nature.
Taxies represent the modern world.
Sometimes it's only after you lose something that you appreciate it.

In taking notes on the ideas in “Big Yellow Taxi,” what do references to trees, apples, birds, and bees represent? (1 point)

memories from the songwriter’s childhood
things that we might not value until it’s too late
things that meant a lot to her old man

Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? (1 point)

Brian moved his guitar, the piano and the drum set, into the garage.

Please buy carrots, and bell peppers, and onions for the vegetable soup.

Nicole and Camille left work, went to the gym, and ate dinner before 7 p.m.

This item has been reviewed and is scheduled to be updated. All students will receive full credit for any response to the following.
Choose the word that describes something traveling between two continents. (1 point)


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