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world geography

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1. The natural vegetation regions of sub-Saharan Africa

A. are heavily impacted by human activity.

B. don't correspond closely to climatic regions.

C. only correspond to climatic conditions in areas of West Africa.

D. are all characteristic of equatorial latitudes.

2. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), AIDS is listed as the _______ main cause of global deaths.

A. third
B. second
C. fourth
D. eighth

3. Slum areas called shantytowns occur in _________ major African cities, housing over _________ percent of urban populations.

A. some; 40
B. five major; 50
C. all; 70
D. nearly all; 60

4. The lowlands west of Australia's eastern mountain range are drained by the Murray-Darling River system, with its main headwaters in the Great _______ Basin.

A. Artesian
B. Barrier
C. Dividing
D. Darling

5. The zone along the southern margins of the Sahara is called the

A. Sahel.
B. Savannah.
C. Veldt.
D. Laterite.

6. At independence, the most prosperous country of former French Western Africa was

A. Chad.
B. Senegal.
C. Côte d'Ivoire.
D. Benin.

7. With respect to global connections, association with _______ offers the brightest immediate future for many African countries.

A. China.
B. the United States.
C. India.
D. the European Union.

8. In sub-Saharan Africa, female genital mutilation is

A. rare in Mali.

B. unheard of in Central Africa and Namibia.

C. uncommon in Nigeria.

D. most common in northern countries of the region.

9. The largest island of the more densely populated southwestern Oceanic island group is

A. Papua New Guinea.
B. New Caledonia.
C. Vanuatu.
D. Fiji.

10. What are the "many islands" people also called?

A. Micronesians
B. Aborigines
C. Polynesians
D. Melanesians

11. In the 1970s, the island of Nauru had one of the highest per capita incomes in the Oceania region due to extensive _______ mining.

A. gold
B. nickel
C. phosphate
D. copper

12. In Australia, most cattle ranching is found in

A. Victoria.
B. South Australia.
C. New South Wales.
D. Queensland.

13. Which of the following is true of the Antarctic Treaty System?

A. It provides the de facto governance of the continent.

B. It's actually the Society for the Geographic Exploration of Antarctica.

C. It bans commercial mining in Antarctica.

D. It was established specifically to enforce ecological regulations.

14. In the context of European colonization, Portugal controlled Mozambique and

A. Madagascar.
B. Angola.
C. Kenya.
D. Congo.

15. When Australia became the federated Commonwealth of Australia in 1901, Sydney and Melbourne competed to be the capital city. A compromise was reached and _______ became the federal capital in 1928.

A. Brisbane
B. Adelaide
C. Sydney
D. Canberra

16. Which South African city is a regional hub of commerce and has South Africa's premier international airport?

A. Cape Town
B. Johannesburg
C. Durban
D. Pretoria

17. During the Cold War, the United States supported the military dictatorship in

A. Democratic Republic of Congo.
B. Mozambique.
C. Ethiopia.
D. Angola.

18. When the Australian economy was based on import-substitution manufacturing,

A. domestic production assured national prosperity.

B. protectionist policies were emphasized.

C. domestic manufacturing was discouraged.

D. expansionist policies were emphasized.

19. Tourism is the _______ industry in the world.

A. third-largest
B. largest
C. fourth-largest
D. second-largest

20. With respect to Australia's aboriginal peoples, animistic religious beliefs are characterized by _______ worship.

A. sun
B. sky-god
C. ancestor
D. nature

My Answers:
1.d 11.c
2.a 12.d
3.c 13.b
4.a 14.b
5.a 15.d
6.c 16.b
7.a 17.a
8.d 18.c
9.a 19.b
10.c 20.d

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    just let me know what ones are wrong if any. please and thank you.

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    1, correct
    2, correct
    3, correct
    4, Look again, it is the name of one of the rivers that flows from it.
    5, correct
    6, correct
    7, correct
    8, correct
    9, correct
    10, correct
    11, correct
    12, Queensland is in the North West, the majority happens in the central South.

    13, Its The Royal Geographic Society... and so, not B. It did set up a system of governing, not just for environmental concerns, and the mining ban was proposed but not passed.
    14, correct
    15, correct
    16, correct
    17, correct
    18, correct
    19, Its actually about the 6th. so your closest answer to that...

    20, They commune with their ancestors in "Dreamtime".

  • world geography - ,

    With respect to global connections, association with _______ offers the brightest immediate future for many African countries.

  • world geography - ,

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), AIDS is listed as the _______ main cause of global deaths.

  • world geography - ,

    18. C is wrong!

  • world geography - ,

    18. is B. protectionist policies were emphasized.

  • world geography - ,

    1 is (A. are heavily impacted by human activity. ) Just took the test!

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