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the length of a rectangle is 3 yds more than twice it width and the area of the rectangle is 77yds find the dimensions of the rectangle the length and width

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    L = 3+ 2W see how I created this equation from the first sentence?

    77 = LW

    I will write this by substituting for L

    77 = (3+2w)w
    77 = 3w + 2w^2

    You want to write this in the form of
    ax^2 + bx + c= 0

    because that will allow you to factor and find the width.
    You will get two values for the width. One will be positive and the other negative. Discard the negative answer because we cannot measure distance with a negative number.

    once you have the positive w, find l.

    Can you finish from here?

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