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non permissable values

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i have a hard time understanding the non permissable values could someone please explain. I have solved the following equations but need help determining the values. Also if you could check to see if i did them right it would be alot of help

1. a2+7a+12/a2+4a+4 x a2-a-6/a2-9

2.4/y2+5y+6 - 5/y2-y-12
(ans) -(y-26)/(y+2)(y+3)(y-4)

any number following a letter is to the power of

  • non permissable values -

    Nonpermissiable values.

    You only have to worry about the denominators. A denominator can never be equal to zero since division by zero is not defined.

    If a denominator is x + 2 , we don't want it to equal zero. So, x cannot = -2 sind that will cause the denominator to equal zero.

  • non permissable values -

    that makes much more sense thank you i couldn't figure it out

    so a restriction is someting that it cannot be divded or multiplied from right?

  • non permissable values -

    ok that helped thank you

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