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Heyy Jiskha!!

I need ur help today:) Hope you will help:D

My question is that why is supersaturation unstable... I read the explanations for this on many websites but for some odd reason I just cannot get it to sink in my mind. What does it mean by it is unstable how is it unstable and why does it crystallize please try to explain in ur way im sure it will work out for me!!:D:D


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    Supersaturated solutions are unstable because they are holding more solute than is normally possible. All it takes is for a tiny bit to be added and it begins to crystallize.

    If you think of a normal salt/water solution. You can get just so much salt to dissolve in water at a given temperature. If you add more salt then it just will go to the bottom of the solution.

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    Ok thxxx:)

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