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sam, pam, ken, and jen wrote each of their names on a slip of paper and placed them in a bowl.Sam was the first to randomly select a name from the bowl. What is the probability that he will select his own name? express answer as a fraction and a percent.(B)If sam selects Pam from the bowl, and Pam randomly selects after him, what is the probability the pam will select Sam's name?

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    So 4 names went into the bowl.

    If Sam is the first person selecting then the chances of him pulling out his name are 1/4. 1/4 as a percent is 25%.

    The second person selecting, Pam, now only has 3 names left in the bowl. Therefore, the chances that Pam will select Sam are now 1/3. 1/3 as a percent is 33.33(repeating)%.

    Does that make sense?

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