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The graph of 5x-2y=10 intersects the x-axis and y-axis what are the order pairs for these two points of intersection?
A.(2,0) and (0,5)
B.(2,0) and (0,-5)
C.(-2,0) and (0,5)
D.(-2,0) and (0,-5)

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    to get the x intercepts and y intercepts ( or as you call it two points of intersection), set one variable to 0 and solve for the other. then set the other variable to 0 and sovle for the first.

    so let x be 0 first. 5*0 -2y = 10

    so -2y = 10,

    so y= -5. We write this as (0,-5) since x goes first and y last.

    doing this for the second scenario, we set y = 0. so,

    5x - 2*0 = 10

    5x= 10

    x=2. Thus, since x goes first, we find (2,0)

    therefore, we get (2,0) and (0,-5)

    and which answer is that may i ask? it is B.

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    ty sooooo much
    another question (sorry about all these just trying to get this done and learn it before tom.)

    Jennie calculated the probabilities of various events involving a coin. What is the probability of a coin landing on heads at least twice when the coin is flipped three times
    a. 1/8
    b. 1/6
    c. 1/4
    d. 1/2
    *i think it is d and if it is i need work for it* *no matter what i need work*

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    again sorry did it again

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