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A college student decides that school work limits him to a total of no more than 36 
hours per week at his two part­time jobs. He earns $6 per hour hanging wall paper and 
he has a sales job that pays $8 per hour. He needs to earn at least $245 per week to
cover his expenses. Write a system of inequalities that shows the various numbers of
hours he can work at each job. Let h represent the number of hours spent hanging wall 
paper and let s represent the number of hours spent working at the sales job. 

  • Math -

    hours: h + s < or equal to 36

    6h + 8s > or equal to 245

    You can solve these just like you would equations.

    How would you solve h + s = 36
    6h + 8s = 245

    Multiply the first equation by -6 and then combine the equations to eliminate the x and solve for y. Substitute back in to solve for x.

    then go back to the original inequalities to find the various numbers houwer worked

  • Math -

    well you would isolate y and i got s< or equal to -h+36

  • Math -

    I meant to say s and h.

    You could do that which issubstitution or you could use the addition/elimination method
    -6h -6s <= 216
    6h +8s >= 245

    2s =461

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