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Members of a school boosters club want to sell at least 10 school jackets and at least 
21 caps during a fundraiser to cover their regular club expenses. The club will make $14 
for every jacket sold and $2 for every cap sold. The club also wants the total amount of 
money earned to be at least $300.
Part A Write a system of inequalities that shows how many jackets and caps the club
members need to sell to meet the conditions described above. Let x represent the 
number of school jackets sold and let y represent the number of caps sold.
Part B Graph the system of inequalities from Part A, shading in the region that 
represents the possible solutions to the system of equations. Locate and label the
point b 14 , 35 g on the graph.
Part C Will the club meet its goal of earning $300 if it sells 14 jackets and 35 caps?
Explain how you know. How much above or below its goal will the club be?

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    This is similiar to the one above. Try it based on those hints and I will be happy to check it for you.

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    please solve it for me please

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    You really need to know how to do it yourself. I can give you a hint.

    x >= 10
    y>= 21

    14x + 2y >= 300 (for part C just substitute here)

    so.. you have to graph
    x = 10
    y = 21
    14x + 2y = 300

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