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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 3:41am.

A point charge Q1=−2 μC is located at x=0, and a point charge Q2=+8 μC is placed at x=−0.5 m on the x-axis of a cartesian coordinate system.The goal of this problem is to determine the electric field, E⃗ (x)=E(x)xˆ, at various points along the x-axis

(a)What is E(x) (in N/C) for x=-82.0 m ?
What is E(x) (in N/C) at x=-0.17 m?
What is E(x) (in N/C) at x=34 m?

(b) At what point (apart from |x|=∞), is E(x)=0? Express your answer in meters.

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