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250cm3 of 0.400moldm-3 NaOH and 250cm3 of 0.400moldm-3 HCl is allowed to react in a calorie meter. If the initial temperature of the system is 17.05 degree C and the final temperature is 19.55 degree C,Find the enthalpy of neutralization for the reaction. The mass of the calorie meter is 500g. Specific heat capacities of the calorie meter and the solutions are 400JKg-1K-1 and 4200JKg-1K-1 respectively

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    q = [mass solns x specific heat solns x (Tfinal-Tinitial)] + [mass Cal x specific heat calorimeter x (Tfinal-Tinitial)] = q(rxn)

    Usually these are expressed as kcal/mol.
    q/0.1 = cal/mol. Convert to kcal/mol.
    The 0.1 comes from M x L = mols = 0.400 x 0.250 = 0.1 mol.

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