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Posted by lisa on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 11:44pm.

Fill in the blank

1-2. Although Jenny chose the songs from her __ that she knew best, she wasn't complacent about being prepared. Afraid she would __ the night of the concert, she practiced the songs over and over.

3-4. The __ of the lecture was that although the United States encourages free trade, some other countries __ it.

5-6. Unfortunately, forming a committee wasn't __ to alleviating the company's parking problem. No one could think of a __ plan to increase the number of parking spaces.

7-8. Bruno is so prone to changing his mind that his rapid shifts of opinion sometimes make me irate. Once in a __ of anger, I shouted this __. "You're always the same-- always changing your mind!"

9-10. My mother took me aside at the party and said "That looks more like a strange costume than a dress. It's bad enough your clothing looks so __, but do you have to mortify me and __ it in front of all my friends?

1. repertoire
2. hamper
3. gist
4. falter
5. viable
6. conducive
7. frenzy
8. paradox
9. bizarre
10. flaunt

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