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I am supposed to find the infinitive phrases in sentences, then name them as subjects, direct objects, predicate nominatives, object of a prepositions, or appositives. thing is, i can barely remember what all of these mean, and whether infinitive phrases relate to them or not. here's one of the sentences:

My brother had no plans except
the infinitive phrase (i think) is "to visit the Holy Land." but i have no idea what type it is. its not the subject, but is is a preposition? or an appositive? i cant remember.

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    All infinitives begin with "to" and are followed by a verb form. Infinitive phrases include the infinitive and any words that go directly with it.

    "to visit the Holy Land" is an infinitive phrase, yes.

    Is the whole sentence this? ~~> My brother had no plans except to visit the Holy Land.

  • grammar - = good explanations and examples of infinitive phrases. = Excellent place to look up grammar and usage terms -- either to learn or to remember.

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    To answer your question: The infinitive phrase in that sentence follows the word "except" -- so that phrase is the object of the preposition "except."

    What others are you working on?

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