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volume of water delivered using a buret has a mass of 2.67 g. What was the final volume reading on the buret if the inital volume reading was 0.10 ml?
[assume the density of water is 1.00g/mL]

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    Solve for volume,

    mass/density=(2.67 g)/(1.00g/mL)=volume in mL

    volume in mL+0.10mL=final volume

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    What is the density of a block of unknown material with a mass of 18.17 g if the dimensions are:
    length = 2.2 cm
    height = 1.7 cm
    width = 5.2 cm

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    What is the density of a 19.99 g object if the dimensions of the block are:
    length = 12.6 mm
    height = 4.88 cm
    width = 0.0140 m

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