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Lang. Arts Ms. Sue

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Ms. Sue I don't know if you remember this question, but I got it wrong and I need to know the rule why.

I put ...Please come with me, Sarah, and Tom, to pick up Mom's birthday present.
He said there is no comma after Tom. I need to know the rule to why you do not put a comma after Tom? Can you help me with that? Please

  • Lang. Arts Ms. Sue -

    I think the answer key is wrong. Both Writeacher and I agree that there were no correct answers to your question. There should be a comma after Tom. There should not be a comma after Sarah.

    Please ask your teacher about this question.

  • Lang. Arts Ms. Sue -

    O.k thank you...I appreciate all your help today.

  • Lang. Arts Ms. Sue -

    You're very welcome, Cassie.

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