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N2(g)+3H2(g)<=>2NH3(g) +▲H
if uou are preparing NH3, hiw does the following increase the yield of NH3?
(a) ▲[N2] ▲[H2]
(b) ▲T of the chamber storing NH3
(c) ▲P of the system
(d) ▲[NH3(g)]

* <=> equilibrium
* ▲ change

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    If you increase the N2 or H2 concentrations that is going to force the production of NH3

    If you increase the temperature, to maintain equilibrium heat has to be given off. Which means more NH3

    If you add pressure you need fewer molecules which again causes the production of NH3 ( you have 2 molecules there vs. 5 molecules on the other side)

    If you remove NH3 then more NH3 will be produced.

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